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Event Horizon

Izakaya Dinner to Fight for Interracial Marriage

When I first joined Hapa Kitchen, I thought it was simply a chance to cook some inventive Asian-influenced cuisine with a few friends. The fact that we were all the results of interracial marriages (hapa is a Hawaiian term, originally derogatory, for a person of mixed race) seemed none too important to me. As a child growing […]

Event Horizon

The Last Bacon Tasting of 2009 is Fast Approaching!

While we’re on the subject of upcoming events, don’t forget — I am hosting a bacon tasting at Jimmy’s No. 43 on October 20 at 7:30. As usual, I’ll be guiding 20 porcine novices through the culture and chemistry of pork-belly preparation, pairing six artisanal bacons with six craft porters and giving tasting notes for […]