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The Feedbag Goes Into a Fugue State



You may have found yourself asking the question, where is the Feedbag? Why has there been so little content? Where is the breaking news, overheated opinion, and super-sticky content that makes it the go-to spot for the Web’s sexiest singles? Does this have anything to do with Feedbag editor Josh Ozersky’s recent health issues? Not a bit of it! But much is in flux right now, and the Feedbag should be understood as being in a fugue state, wandering off like that history professor they found in Seattle sleeping on a bench with $600 in his pocket. The clouds will part and the The Feedbag will be its own self soon; just go on reading the other blogs, and we’ll let you know when we have returned to our senses.

In the meantime, though, don’t forget about the mothership, Citysearch’s New York homepage; our twitter feed; the Mr. Cutlets show on the Heritage Radio Network; Josh Ozersky’s regular blog at Rachael; and the backlog of Feedbag frolicks we have generated over the past year or so.