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Last Meal: More With Ben Leventhal on The Mr. Cutlets Show

My Heritage Radio Network radio show is up, and has been since Sunday — a fact I somehow neglected to mention while fending off the attacks of James Beard Award winners and trying to keep word of my career plans from leaking out to a prying media corps. This was an especially good episode, featuring as it did my […]


Alan Richman Whaps Me A Good One, But I Don’t Mind

In his GQ column, Alan Richman knocks me and my fellow bloggers around pretty good today, taking us to task for eating burgers at Bill’s and writing about them before they opened. The writers who attended press events for Bill’s were ecstatic about the burgers. Allow me to issue a warning: Judging a restaurant by […]

Hamburger Hi-Jinx

Bill’s and the Shake Shack Vie For New York Hamburger Supremacy, but “Smashing” Wins Either Way

  The “Bill’s vs Shake Shack” debate is all the rage in hamburger circles, especially in light of New York’s review of the newcomer this week.  I was enthralled by Bill’s burgers the first time I ate them, and I still am.  The combination of the loose, juicy meat with a salty lace-like crust that extends like an Elizabethan collar beyond the […]

You Heard It Here First

The Fate of the Feedbag Foretold

Last week’s annoucement of the Feedbag’s temporary derangement was, at best, a stopgap measure. I wasn’t ready to announce my plans, and I’m still not, except to say that big things are in the works. Big! And more than one of them too. But, sadly, that means that I’m leaving Citysearch as Senior Editor, Restaurants. […]

A Feedbag Afoot

The Feedbag Goes Into a Fugue State

  You may have found yourself asking the question, where is the Feedbag? Why has there been so little content? Where is the breaking news, overheated opinion, and super-sticky content that makes it the go-to spot for the Web’s sexiest singles? Does this have anything to do with Feedbag editor Josh Ozersky’s recent health issues? […]


Morning Prep at Williamsburg’s Saltie

At first glance Saltie looks to be just a humble bakery and sandwich spot, until you realize that Diner and Marlow & Sons alums Caroline Fidanza, Elizabeth Schula and Rebecca Collerton are working in the kitchen. Luckily for The Feedbag, these three talented women were kind enough to let me and my photographer Agaton Strom hang around during morning prep so we could […]

Hamburger Hi-Jinx

Last Meal: Burgers at Bill’s

One happy accident of working at the gloriously postmodern IAC building is its proximity to Bill’s Bar and Burger, the new smashed-burger mecca in the Meatpacking district. Of course, this was Bill’s first lunch service, so things were a little hectic, and took a couple of minutes longer than when I was there by myself […]