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Five Top Chefs to Make Five Pork Dishes at Cochon555

You’ve probably had enough pork news for a while. 2008 was the Year of the Pig here in New Pork City, and the novelty has worn off in a big way. But, in a larger sense, the novelty of great pork dishes can never wear off: as long as there are pigs walking around, and chefs ready to cook them in inventive and appetizing ways, porcine gastronomy will have a future. At Cochon555, for instance, five great pork men will cook five different pigs. The men? Mark Ladner of Del Posto, Corwin Kave of Fatty Crab, Bobby Helen of Resto, Juan Jose Cuevas of Eighty-One, and the one and only Allen Benton, ham master from Tennessee. Ladner tells the Feedbag that his pig might be an filled with warm pork soup, a wildly appealing and grotesque spectacle that ought to excite the kind of crowd that would attend an event like this.