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Last Meal: Burgers at Bill’s

One happy accident of working at the gloriously postmodern IAC building is its proximity to Bill’s Bar and Burger, the new smashed-burger mecca in the Meatpacking district. Of course, this was Bill’s first lunch service, so things were a little hectic, and took a couple of minutes longer than when I was there by myself last weekend. A Bobcat, a green chile cheeseburger of the kind made famous at the Bobcat Bite in New Mexico, was fantastic, and paired well with my malted. But then I got greedy and also ordered a Fatcat and a Bill’s Classic with Cheese, both of which were great, but not quite as copiously juicy as when I had them before. Since it was the first lunch service I gave them a free pass. The guys were obviously really under the gun, and the place was jammed up with big parties. The Ozersky “best burger” laurels can be revoked at any time, though! I better go there for lunch tomorrow. And maybe Wednesday too.